Starter Problems?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Dec 11 16:47:15 EST 2005

Now that I have some light, I'll be checking those things today.  Reading at 
Blau, I also saw that there's a large gauge jumper wire that runs from the 
solenoid to the starter motor that can also be suspect.

I'll post back with my findings.

Derek P

>I'd start by checking out the wiring at the starter itself.  There's the
>big wire that carries power to operate the starter and there's the little
>wire that comes from the switch to tell the starter to start operating.
>The former can have corroded contacts and the latter can deteriorate
>internally because Audi seems to use starter wires whose insulation isn't
>very good considering the environment it works in.
>At 04:56 PM 12/10/2005 -0800, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> >Gang,
> >
> >What a week...people start talking about heater problems, my heater goes
> >south, and now...with no warning my starter has also elected to take a 
> >
> >Battery is fine with 12-volts on the meter.  Radio and lights work, but 
> >the key and no cranking what so ever.  Able to start it by pushing, or 
> >able to start it by pushing.  My parking spot is at the bottom of a one 
> >drive; so I'm (or at least my car is) stranded until this is repaired.  
> >would appear to be starter, or maybe solenoid related.  Whatever it is, I
> >had no warning signs for the starter problem.  Worked and then didn't.
> >
> >Any info or similar experience?  Could it be a relay problem (load 
> >relay)?.  I figure I'll double check connections, and make sure I have
> >12-volts, beyond that I'm ready to assume replacement/rebuild time for 
> >starter.
> >
> >What say ye all?
> >
> >Derek P
> >
> >
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