Brake problem

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Dec 12 17:37:32 EST 2005


Flushing will not desludge nor free up frozen or sluggish calipers or MCs,
requires disassembly and cleaning after which bieannial  flushing will
maintain the condition.  "New" used cars always deserve this as a first

I never criticize other's spelling as I am the world's worst, even with a
spell checker.


From: SuffolkD at

Sorry Bernie, I thought so too, but three flushes with DOT 4 yielded little

Sludge or no sludge, there is only so much one can do when the previous
owners had the car the prior 11 years.

and SINCE YOU LIKE TO CRITICIZE other listers on their spelling, its tooth
"FAIRY" Bernie.....................................................

-Scott by BOSTON 

In a message dated 12/12/2005 3:40:18 PM Eastern Standard Time,
b.benz at writes:

Sounds just like a sludged up check valve in the master cylinder to me.
Never happens in a well maintained hydraulic system.  You believe in the
tooth ferry, too? 

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