Brake flushing

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A note on brakes and Biennial flushing:

I ran my BMW 2002tii for 11 years with silicon brake fluid (concept stolen
from the motorcycle racer I used to work for) and *never flushed anything*.
I understand that the reason systems need flushing is to remove the water
that the petroleum based fluids naturally absorb. I flushed out the system
with brake cleaner and then with the silicon fluid (not cheap) then bled it
as usual. I really drove the holly hell out of tha car, and never heard any
complaints from the brakes, no fade stick or otherwise. The injection pump,
was another story....

I'm tempted to do this with the 20v since the humidity is so great here in



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Flushing will not desludge nor free up frozen or sluggish calipers or MCs,
requires disassembly and cleaning after which bieannial  flushing will
maintain the condition.  "New" used cars always deserve this as a first

I never criticize other's spelling as I am the world's worst, even with a
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