Correct spark plug?

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Tue Dec 13 04:09:21 EST 2005

I realize this will bring the wrath of Bernie, but I would replace the 
14 yr. old wires.
If not pull them out and give them a really good going over.
Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

PeterBergin at wrote:

>Thanks for the response guys, I found a source for the correct plug in town 
>(Minneapolis) for about $14.  I will get a set tomorrow.  My car has developed 
>a miss (slight bucking) at midrange, that mostly disappears after a 30 minute 
>drive.  Last time I had a similar problem it was cracked porcelain on a plug.  
>There are about 65k on the current set (correct plug).  My only other concern 
>is that I have 195k on the original wires.  I did replace the cap and 
>"correct" rotor about 50k ago.
>Thanks again
>91 Avant
>(Thinking about an All Road)
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