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> Subject: Brake flushing
> A note on brakes and Biennial flushing:
> I ran my BMW 2002tii for 11 years with silicon brake fluid (concept stolen
> from the motorcycle racer I used to work for) and *never flushed anything*.
> I understand that the reason systems need flushing is to remove the water
> that the petroleum based fluids naturally absorb. I flushed out the system
> with brake cleaner and then with the silicon fluid (not cheap) then bled it
> as usual. I really drove the holly hell out of tha car, and never heard any
> complaints from the brakes, no fade stick or otherwise. The injection pump,
> was another story....
> I'm tempted to do this with the 20v since the humidity is so great here in
> Hawaii.
> Thoughts?
I have used DOT 5 in several pre ABS cars.  I was lead to believe that it is
some of the Audi ABS components that are not compatable with Si fluid?  It
is not hydroscopic, nor cheap.  If I were you on the Big Island, I would
just flush annually with the cheaper DOT 4.  Brakes need an annual
inspection anyway.


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> Scott,
> Flushing will not desludge nor free up frozen or sluggish calipers or MCs,
> requires disassembly and cleaning after which bieannial  flushing will
> maintain the condition.  "New" used cars always deserve this as a first
> priority.
> I never criticize other's spelling as I am the world's worst, even with a
> spell checker.
> Bernie
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