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> At 9:22 AM -0700 12/13/05, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>> I've heard this as well- however I also know that Javad Shadzi is
>> doing some pretty amazing stuff (ie high power) with his 20V - about
>> 500-600 whp last I knew.  He's using the stock 7A plug - the F6DTC,
>> IIRC and he said at one point it was better than the expensive plug
>> that is suppposed to be used.>>F5DPOR.
> Hi Brandon,
> I can't say whether or not you recall correctly about Javad's plugs.
> But in any case,  what might might have been the belief of someone
> "at one point" might not be true in the long run. And finally, what
> does "better" mean and how was it determined?
>> I personally question how there can just be one plug that works well
>> with an engine.....
One plug design! The F5DPOR is the only plug that I am aware of that has
solid Pt for both the hot and ground electrodes.  I atribute this to their
relatively long life. My original set went for 175K before one started to
act up.  Other plugs may be equal or "better" in the short term?  It may be
overkill, but I use them in the 7A also.

> So do I,  Brandon, so do I. But after hearing--over the course of 7
> years--nothing but good experiences with the F5DPOR and many, many
> poor experiences with alternatives,  using the F5DPOR is the best
> advice I can give. Also, note that I said "alternatives  are _likely_
> to disappoint", not that they will necessarily be inferior. YMMV.
> BTW, whenever I see prices on these plugs, they run about $11/ea. Now
> I don't know about other 20V engines, but mine uses only 5 plugs
> (every 75-100K miles) and that makes the cost differential (i.e.,
> cheaper plugs) a pretty insignificant issue, IMHO. It's always nice
> to find something with better performance, so if you can get more
> info from Javad about _how_ the F6DTC performs "better", it would be
> appreciated.

> Phil
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