Correct spark plug?

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Tue Dec 13 13:39:45 EST 2005

Hey Phil-
thanks for the reply-
I will try to find his post -it was on Motorgeek...(dahh - just spent 20 
minutes searching his thread and can't find it....oh well)
I personally have had good experience with the trusty F5DPOR - and I must 
confess it is all I have ever used - however when it comes time to replace- 
I will get crazy and try something else.  Having hard time accepting there 
are no good alternatives - I'm stubborn - my problem.

BTW where are you finding the F5DPOR for $11 - last time I paid $19.95. 
ouch.  That was through Mockry or TPC.


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> At 9:22 AM -0700 12/13/05, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>>I've heard this as well- however I also know that Javad Shadzi is doing 
>>some pretty amazing stuff (ie high power) with his 20V - about 500-600 whp 
>>last I knew.  He's using the stock 7A plug - the F6DTC, IIRC and he said 
>>at one point it was better than the expensive plug that is suppposed to be 
> Hi Brandon,
>  I can't say whether or not you recall correctly about Javad's plugs. But 
> in any case,  what might might have been the belief of someone "at one 
> point" might not be true in the long run. And finally, what does "better" 
> mean and how was it determined?
>>I personally question how there can just be one plug that works well with 
>>an engine.....
> So do I,  Brandon, so do I. But after hearing--over the course of 7 
> years--nothing but good experiences with the F5DPOR and many, many poor 
> experiences with alternatives,  using the F5DPOR is the best advice I can 
> give. Also, note that I said "alternatives  are _likely_ to disappoint", 
> not that they will necessarily be inferior. YMMV.
> BTW, whenever I see prices on these plugs, they run about $11/ea. Now I 
> don't know about other 20V engines, but mine uses only 5 plugs (every 
> 75-100K miles) and that makes the cost differential (i.e., cheaper plugs) 
> a pretty insignificant issue, IMHO. It's always nice to find something 
> with better performance, so if you can get more info from Javad about 
> _how_ the F6DTC performs "better", it would be appreciated.
> Phil
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