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Tue Dec 13 17:01:00 EST 2005

Well there is a team over in Eruope, Helsinky or somthing like that. Well
they are sponsord by Audi and do a  "quattro" car. Also they reversed the
rotation of their engine to to this. Its like a smaller F1, we try to
devlope our cars so out perform every university. just without all the money
and fame... We try to devlope our cars to out perform every university.
Toledo was top ranking team in Ohio and was top 20% of 140 team from 13
different countries.

That car pictured tops out around 120 and 0-60 is around 3.5 sec. We use a
Honda 600 4Fi nike motor through a 20mm restrictor. so we do quite well
spite the restriction o the engine.

'91 200tq20v Avant

Andyschlueter wrote:
> here's is what i do...

What?  Quattro is not part of the formula?  How terrible.

(Boy, I wish they had stuff like that when I went to college.)


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