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Tue Dec 13 17:14:44 EST 2005

> From: Andyschlueter <andyschlueter at>
> I am on the University of Toledo's Formula SAE team. I have read all the
> pros and cons with the strut braces. I do beleive the way that Bernie has
> his setup works the best. It has the best for load transfering and allows to
> have a "pre-load" on the struts to keep them in place. Most importantly I
> like the way it transfers the loads.
Thanks for your evaluation, Andy.
> Since I will have my suspension torn apart later this week, I think I will
> throw on a set of lowering springs from H&R from my buddies wagon, along
> with some new struts.
The lowering springs will greatly aggravate the negative camber
characteristic of this suspension.  To correct this condition to a
reasonable degree (pun intended), you will need to use all the tricks
discussed on this list toward this end.  Preloading the upper strut mount
isolators, and moving the lower arm's pivot points inboard (see my 12/6 post
to Ingo and the list, Re: Finished installing H&R springs,).

Measure the resulting camber with the H&Rs and let me know how you correct

> here's is what i do...
> Andrew W. Schlueter
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