Drooping Sun Visor (CAVEAT!)

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Dec 15 18:37:25 EST 2005

At 9:50 AM -0800 12/15/05, melvin guyer wrote:
>Re: Drooping Visor. Could you adhere a piece of velcro
>onto the top edge of the flap and a corresponding
>engaging velcro strip onto the roof section where the
>flap makes contact?

  I  had been thinking about doing this a while ago, but then I 
rejected the idea after realizing that the interface (i.e., the "roof 
section") is just my car's rather delicate 15 yr-old headliner. That 
headliner is merely a thin piece of cloth glued to a thin layer of 
foam glued to...well you get the idea. Velcroing the sunvisor might 
work OK to keep it in place--but if the visor is actually used much 
(i.e., pulled down), there's a good chance that you'll eventually 
manage to pull the headliner loose.

Most of the rear section of my car's headliner is already starting to 
fall down, and I'll soon be replacing the whole thing (or 
thumbtacking it back up).  With an old headliner, I think using 
Velcro--tempting as it sounds--  would definitely cause headliner 
damage. I suspect that even a new headliner would sooner or later 
yield to the extra stress. If you go ahead with this Velcro idea, you 
might be able to somehow reinforce the area around the strip. But I'm 
not sure how that could be done.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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