Lost reverse gear this morning

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Mon Dec 19 22:41:37 EST 2005

I started up the car this morning, and let it idle while I brushed off snow.
Got into the car, put it in reverse and was getting ready to slowly
back up, when my wet snowboot slipped off the clutch.

The car shuddered and almost stalled till I got my foot back on the
 clutch. I did not realize it until I parked the car in a parking spot
at a shop and tried to reverse. Under normal (gentle) clutching
this time, the car did a small jerk and then would not drive.

I finally figured it would go forward but now backwards, so I pushed it out
of the parking slot, and drove home.

I almost seems that reverse gear engages briefly, and then gives out.
Did I break a few teeth on the counter shaft? So whenever it gets to 
that spot it runs free?

Any BTDT? or other suggestions?


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