FW: wheel fit question

Beer, Jerald S. jbeer at boosecasey.com
Tue Dec 20 12:42:47 EST 2005

 When I had my A4 16x7s, I used 15mm hubcentric spacers with no problem.
Not sure if 15mm was technically the correct size, but I didn't notice
any additional wheel bearing wear and the car tracked straight. Anything
over 3-5mm, you probably need hubcentric spacers.
From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at earthlink.net>
I am looking for a set of snow tires and wheels.
I will be living in Truckee, Ca part time this winter.
I have UFO's and I realize there is a fit question.
I take the fit problem is where the wheel sets on the hub/brake disc. I
have been seeing a lot of A4, A6 wheels for sale with ET35. If I am
correct will I need a spacer on the front hubs, if so what size.
91 200tq Avant

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