LED Dash lighting?

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Hi Ingo,

LEDs dim, but not exactly in the same ratio as traditional (incandescent)
For example, GM uses two different PWM signals, one designed to drive
incandescents and a separate one for LEDs, each set runs throughout the car,
and the individual; modules use the one matching their technology.

However, they are close enough if you don't want to be picky. You will
need to use red LEDs with no resistor and choose a resistor to allow
a total of 10 or 20 mA (read the spec on the LED full current) when
running on fourteen volts.   (R= V/I)  so a 1500 ohm resistor will be
best for 10 mA LEDs, or a 690 ohm for 20 mA LEDs.

Alternately, you can buy LEDs (higher cost) with a resistor built in series,
that are rated for 12 volts.

You may also want to verify that the "red" LEDs you choose are the
right shade of red....

Call me if you have further questions,


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So, since I'm going to be replacing the dash pad and some instrument cluster
lights, etc. tonight, I was wondering if anyone has done LED lights for the
200/V8 instrument cluster?  I know people have done so with the window
switches, dash switches, etc.  Or do they not dim like traditional light
bulbs?  If they do dim, I'd like to know which ones to get (want to keep red
lighting).  And, yes, I can solder...


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