got boost (slight return)?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Dec 28 13:34:33 EST 2005

Kind of off the top topic, but has anybody seen were the boost seems to be 
across the board my situation whereas at idle the dash readout 
used to read 0.3 to 0.4, now it usually reads 0.2, with boost on the high 
side only going up to 1.6 or so?  I've seen low boost at the top end before, 
but not with it reading lower at idle too.

Derek P

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At 12:28 PM -0500 12/27/05, Andrew W. Schlueter wrote:
>i dont know if it is this cold weather here in ohio, but i am having
>hesitasion in boost. I am running chipped car with the 2.5 pt. ok here is
>the issue. 3k rpm, full throttle, nice real fast spool up to 20psi. not any
>more. now it goes to 14psi, hesitates then jumps to 20psi. somtimes when i
>am full throttle in 4th or 5th it will be at 20psi, it will quickyly drop 
>14ish psi then right back up in a matter of a few secconds. you can feel 
>loss of power. I am thinking of the N75??

Sounds like it could be caused by a pressure "burp" from split hose
or loose clamp. How is the Michelin Man hose condition?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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