got boost (slight return)?

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By what you describe, you have an air leak somewhere -- since you have less
vacuum at idle and less boost on boost.  Check all of your vacuum hoses -
paying particular attention to the one from the back of the intake manifold
to the bypass valve.


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> Kind of off the top topic, but has anybody seen were the boost seems to be
> across the board my situation whereas at idle the dash readout
> used to read 0.3 to 0.4, now it usually reads 0.2, with boost on the high
> side only going up to 1.6 or so?  I've seen low boost at the top end
> but not with it reading lower at idle too.
> Derek P
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> >i dont know if it is this cold weather here in ohio, but i am having
> >hesitasion in boost. I am running chipped car with the 2.5 pt. ok here is
> >the issue. 3k rpm, full throttle, nice real fast spool up to 20psi. not
> >more. now it goes to 14psi, hesitates then jumps to 20psi. somtimes when
> >am full throttle in 4th or 5th it will be at 20psi, it will quickyly drop
> >to
> >14ish psi then right back up in a matter of a few secconds. you can feel
> >the
> >loss of power. I am thinking of the N75??
> Sounds like it could be caused by a pressure "burp" from split hose
> or loose clamp. How is the Michelin Man hose condition?
> Phil
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