Kerry Griffith i2k at
Thu Dec 29 16:37:25 EST 2005


I was spoiled by the solidity of the S6 I had to pass on. I know the 
type 44 chassis is much less stiff than the ur-S4/6, but the brace 
seems like it would be a big step in the direction of a more solid 
feeling car, especially for those of us who've had suspension bushings 
done along with struts and shocks.
Hope you got my first email indicating my interest in the strut tower 
brace. I'd need the brackets as well.
Count me in as one of those interested in a group buy, and let me know 
when you're thinking you'll be wanting payment.

Kerry Griffith
Still looking for ur-S4 wheels- anybody?

Happy New Year to All- may the Audi gods smile upon us all.

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