got boost (slight return)?

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Thu Dec 29 23:07:04 EST 2005

I bought my Avant with 65k on it.  I have always got 1.6 with a rare  1.7.  
Had the car chipped with Lehman at Anderson Motor Sports.  I  feel the 
difference but still see the same 1.6.  I know factory boost gauge  is not calibrated 
to the chipset.  I have replaced the usual stuff as the  car got to 195k.  I 
have also done the pressure check with the plumbing cap  to my air compressor.  
No leaks until the dipstick launches at about 25  psi.  I pretty much gave up 
trying to see 1.8.  However I have never  tried to use a mechanical gauge to 
test for accuracy.
Good luck, I just live with it the way it is (happily).
91 Avant

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