got boost (slight return)?

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Fri Dec 30 11:30:31 EST 2005

I live with mine slightly less happily. I too have a chipset (from 
Hoppen) with the same non-calibrated factory boost guage. The 
difference in my case is that for the first eight years I had 1.7-1.8 
showing all the time- and I suspect that there is a true loss, key word 
being "suspect", since my seat-of-the-pants technology may be 
imperfect. But I'd be less suspicious if my subjective impression 
didn't jive with the admittedly imperfect factory boost guage. But the 
car runs quite well for which I'm glad, and I don't often use full 
boost. I would be happier if it felt stronger when I did put the turbo 
to task, but it isn't a big worry. I'm more concerned about brakes, 
climate control, seat heaters, and other daily use stuff. All of which 

91 w/chip and RS2 manifold. feeling less spunky.
Still wtb  ur-S4 wheels!

On Thursday, December 29, 2005, at 08:58 PM, PeterBergin at wrote:

> I bought my Avant with 65k on it.  I have always got 1.6 with a rare 
> 1.7.  Had the car chipped with Lehman at Anderson Motor Sports.  I 
> feel the difference but still see the same 1.6.  I know factory boost 
> gauge is not calibrated to the chipset.  I have replaced the usual 
> stuff as the car got to 195k.  I have also done the pressure check 
> with the plumbing cap to my air compressor.  No leaks until the 
> dipstick launches at about 25 psi.  I pretty much gave up trying to 
> see 1.8.  However I have never tried to use a mechanical gauge to test 
> for accuracy.
> Good luck, I just live with it the way it is (happily).
> Pete
> 91 Avant

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