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I've just broken through 225k on my car, so at your mileage I don't think 
I'd be worrying too much about wear.

Also, not sure if you know or not, but the 2111 code will come up if you 
check the codes with the car off...although you did mention "at idle," so 
not sure what your "test condition" was exactly.

Derek P

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I've been having the same issue worsening over the last 6 months.I'm down
from 1.8 bar at full boost 6 months ago to 1.4 now. Idle is  0.4 to 0.3 down
from 0.4-0.5.  I'm not finding any air leaks and am thinking perhaps this
is the turbo performing less  efficiently?

By the way, the car has 140K, and has been very well cared for. The only
error code is 2111 (engine speed sensor, at idle), but that has been coming
up for 2 years.


Dr. G

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