got boost (slight return)?

George Sidman sidman at
Fri Dec 30 14:05:24 EST 2005

A few years ago I went through the boost malaise, and replaced the BPV,
waste gate valve, PCV hose, ping sensors, etc. Still had the 1.6 blues, and
the car passed the pressure test. 

So, one weekend, under a rare attack of intelligence, I replaced all the
vacuum lines under the hood and the rain diverter. Most of it would have
tested good, but between the fabric covered lines, the plastic lines, etc.,
and the little plastic tees (which were also replaced) it was all at around
200K miles. Obviously, there were very small and obscure cracks and what-not
that might have been very difficult and time consuming to find.  All new
connections were snap-tied, and the whole effort took about four hours. The
result was an immediate recovery to full boost. I have just passed 300K
miles and still see 1.8 if it's cold and there's a full moon. 

George Sidman
Chairman & Chief Technology Architect
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