UFO & G60

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Feb 1 17:47:24 EST 2005

> From: "Sean" <coonhound at myway.com>
> I have UFOs.  Stress fracture is about 1/4 inch past the hole.
> I'll be posting pics soon, along with a question:  Which method should I try
> first in an effort to stop the fracture from growing longer-
> 1.  Weld it
> 2.  Install a Bernie Brace
> 3.  Weld with simultaneous installation of Bernie Brace.
> I'm partial to trying eith 1 or 2 first.  If 3 were tried, and the fracture
> ceased growing, one would not be sure whether the weld or the brace was the
> responsible factor.
Who cares?  You could weld in a stronger gusset, or just remove the existing
one, thus eliminating the crack.
> A potential problem with the Bernie Brace is the engineering involved and
> availability of necessary parts.  Anyone got an extra?
What's to engineer?  The design has been posted for all.  Parts are readily
available and/or made by any local machine shop.  Go for, rather than run
from it!

> Sean
> 91 200 20v Avant
> PS- After inspecting the front suspension geometry and data regarding my
> avant, I, too, am beginning to think there may be some validity to the
> hypothesis linking the fracture to potholes.

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