very fast pulsing through clutch pedal

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Feb 1 18:13:30 EST 2005

> From: bill bleiler <b_ill78 at>
> although the clutch seems to be grabbing well, when
> ever the car is warm and you push in the clutch you
> get a very fast vibrating/pulsing, when its all the
> way down its fine and once it has grabbed it is fine,
> just in between is nasty.   im goingto order a spec
> stg 3 clutch kit this week, i figure it is either the
> throwout bearing is bad, or the clutch disk is messed
> up in some way...any BTDT?

Before you fix what ain't broke, check the clutch peddle mechanism,
specifically the over center return spring and its pivot points.
May just be a broken spring or binding mechanism.


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