Exchanging front struts

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed Feb 2 11:23:30 EST 2005

I built a threaded rod/sleeved-stirrup/barrel-nut rig and concluded that
the kind of rod you can get off the shelf isn't suited to making that kind
of tool.

The stuff is sitting on the shelf unused since I found a $20 off the shelf
compressor kit at a FLAPS with very beefy and rigid threaded rods.
That along with the u-bolts for attaching the spring that come off quicker
than spinning the barrel nuts off of the long rod made for a no-brainer.

(and the image of a rod failing while I had a body part in the line of fire)


Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com wrote:

>I would think you could get creative with some all-thread rod, nuts that
>thread onto the threaded rod, pipe that will slide over the threaded rod,
>some metal plate that could be bent into a couple of hooks, and a welder.
>Or, you could try something from JC Whitney or probably your FLAPS.
>I picked up a set of spring compressors cheap sometime in the past. My
>father made his own over 20 years ago using the method I suggested above.
>I have never removed front springs on this type of car, so I do not know if
>my spring compressors would even work. It worked fine on the rear springs.
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