BOOM! then no go...REAL...Answer.........

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed Feb 2 12:12:11 EST 2005

I had time to crawl under the car on the driveway.
Brother with foot on brake, third gear and clutch let out.........I looked 
underneath like a Darwin candidate.
answer was against the exhaust pipe Y................

The INNER CV axle joint held to the tranny flange by the eight or so tripple 
square bolts was "off", bolts loose and separated from the tranny flange.
Tranny spins and car no go.

Wierd huh? -Scott by BOSTON
> I've moved the car tonight by cable tow.   :-)
> Moving at 25 MPH I can hear a flutter like a popped CV joint.
> UNLIKE the 4000Q where I just locked the difs to keep on going (to a repair 
> shop)
> pressing the rear dif button in a 200 does nothing.  :-(
> CV / Half shaft responces (there were a lot of them) win the: when I see ya' 
> all again I owe you a lager...............
> Strange it let go at a feathered throttle (EASY cruise) at 30 MPH in a 
> straight line.
> -Scott by BOSTON

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