BOOM! then no go...REAL...Answer.........

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Take one of the bolts with you to your local NAPA or such.  I bought a set of different-sized triple-squares made by Lisle.

Good luck

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  I did have tranny work done about a year ago............Hmmmm 
  Me thinks one side got forgotten..............I'm making a phone call when I return. 
  See the pictures I posted on my web site. Passenger's side appears tight. 
  Once I get a triple square I'll cinch them up. 
  -Scott by BOSTON 

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    Hmm.  CV joint replacement or recent trans work, right?  Didn't you have 
    clutch replacement not too long ago?  Check the other side while you're at 
    it -- and the rear driveshaft flange as well. 

    Most CV joint failures (which by definition yours is not) I've seen involve 
    the front pass side (methinks more pot-hole related). 


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