[urq] Brake Overall (UFO tangent)

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 15:36:27 EST 2005

"Schaible, David" <David.Schaible at jrspharma.com> wrote:
> Also several people reported unwarping ufo's by serious heating (several
> hi speed stops) and then regular driving.....enough ufo bashing already!

After recently reading a bit on Stoptech's website about the way pad
material gets deposited on the rotors, and on other sites where the
friction material is described as being swapped back and forth between
rotor and pad, and the admonition not to stay on the brakes at rest
after a spirited stop, I wonder if the UFO "warping" problems were
more caused by uneven deposits of friction material on the surface of
the rotor.

If that was the cause, then the "fix" that people describe about doing
the high speed stops might be more due to the removal of the uneven
deposits than due to a corrected warpage.  It seems like it would be
easier to successfully remove uneven friction material than to
magically unwarp a warped rotor.  Maybe that method corrects the
problem, but the reason is different than generally accepted.

Since I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere, I thought I'd throw it
out there.  Has anyone with supposedly "warped" UFO rotors measured
them to see if they were actually warped rather than a friction
material deposition thing?



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