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Nice find.  WRT bigger wheels -- Go for the strongest and lightest you can
find.  The stock BBS wheels are strong, light and forged.  Heavier wheels
will put more stress on the car and will impact acceleration and braking.
If I had the $$ (but I don't), I'd seriously consider SSR Competitions or
similar.  Otherwise you almost certainly will have to update your
shocks/struts/ get the idea.  But that's just my personal
opinion.  Best to find someone who has the mod/s you're contemplating so you
can see/feel for yourself.


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> Hello,
> My 200 is completely stock--it still has it's UFO's and doesn't have any
> signs of the cracking strut tower--it has about 116k and the first owner
> used it as the family wagon in the suburbs of NYC, the second owner didn't
> drive it much and now it's in NH and I've got the parts ordered from Dale
> build the Bernie Brace
> the car has never been tracked and I don't really think I'll use it for
> at all (my cruising all purpose machine that moves)--I hope to eventually
> chip the car but I'd rather do something with the handling first
> I've been offered a set of 17" x 7.5" rims with an offset of 43mm so I'd
> need wheels spacers for proper fit
> I love the OE bbs's and they have fairly new tires--koni's would be
> then new tires and rims so I'm leaning that way
> any thoughts--pluses--minuses
> any input is greatly appreciated,
> James Miller
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