1.4 bar

Dan Wing wagons at sover.net
Fri Feb 4 14:29:10 EST 2005

Is there a simple list of conditions that give a 1.4 bar boost limit?

I had an overheat beeping signal despite normal gauge reading and fluid in coolant reservoir. Since I was due for a timing belt (and boy, was I due-- the old one was really loose, and the idler bearing was shot) I had that done and the crank and (leaking) camshaft seals at the same time. The water pump had been leaking, and was replaced. Also, the temp sensor on the back of the head was replaced, the contacts on the sensor on the left side of the engine were cleaned (it was replaced about a year ago) and the spark plugs replaced. Several deteriorated hoses replaced while accessible, including one from the bypass valve forward to the turbo-- that one had a hole in it.

The car then ran fine, and had full boost (also better mileage than ever before!) for about 35 miles on the interstate until I witnessed a full-speed roll-over accident ahead of me (really wild) and parked on the shoulder, engine off, to render assistance. No major injuries, thanks to luck and passive restraints.

Anyway, I was there about 20 minutes, and when I drove off on a long uphill I noticed the car was missing/bucking a little. And it now it will only make 1.4 bar. I won't be able to get it back to the shop to get the codes dumped (they do only German cars, and work on several other 20V's) until Tuesday, but I wanted to have a list in mind of things for them to check. Obviously, manipulating the plug wires off and on could have led to damage, or I could have a bad sensor connection. Anything else on the list?

Dan Wing

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