[urq] G-60 rebuild or?

John Karasaki johkar at teleport.com
Fri Feb 4 15:35:08 EST 2005


You need to use compressed air to push the pistons out.  Use as high 
pressure as your compressor can generate, and above all, be CAREFUL!  Make 
sure the caliper body is secure in a vice, the pistons are pointed away 
from you, directly and on the rebound, and wear eye and ear protection.

If you attack it without a strategy, one piston will pop out first.  What 
you want to do is hit the brake line hole with a shot of air, note which 
piston moves, put a block of wood or metal in there to prevent that piston 
from moving further, then hit it with air again to start the other piston 
moving.  Alternate limiting piston travel until both pistons are almost all 
the way out.  Then pop one out with the air and pull the other out with 
your hand or pliers that won't score the polished outer piston surface.

Good luck.

Best regards,


At 10:48 AM 2/4/05 -0500, Ingo Rautenberg wrote:
>Just replaced the seized right front G60 caliper on the Urq with one from 
>the V8 and was hoping for words of wisdom.  I initially thought the 
>carrier pins were frozen (usually the case) though I tend to lube them up 
>and check them periodically.  Mine were fine.  The pistons were (are) 
>stuck.  The boots are intact as far as I can see.  So what do I do?  Don't 
>want to distort the pistons by using vise-grips or the like...
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