Clutch Replacement

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Tue Feb 8 03:43:18 EST 2005


  On driving back from Sacramento today I noticed some strange happenings with my clutch.  Suddenly it takes about 50% of the normal pressure to fully depress the pedal, when depressing the pedal with the engine running one can feel somewhat severe vibrations, and worst of all, anything over 3k rpm with over 1/2 throttle and the clutch completely slips, no burning clutch smell though.

As this is my first manual transmission I don't know much about diagnosing this kind of problem, is it correct to assume that my clutch will need replacing?  I'm about to take it into the shop, but what should i be expecting the bill to run for something like this?  I've heard differing accounts, most frighteningly high.

Thanks for your help,
Adam Chinchiolo

Adam Chinchiolo

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