UFO & G60

Dave Defferding mstrblastr at quidnunc.net
Tue Feb 8 11:06:50 EST 2005

132K, with 73K in eastern washington/Spokane area and rest in western
Washington/freeway loop I-5 to southern Cal and back thru Salt Lake City.
UFO's, Bilstein HD's last 50K.  One track event, and a couple of driver
training courses.  Even drilled another hole in web as that's where my Euro
relays are mounted.
---> no cracks, no distortion, no loose paint, no sign of any problem.

Yes it's true--the same dealer(salesman! sold our car 4 times, sold it new
and 3 trade ins.  Paperwork was in glove box...  Talk about commission from
a car sale.

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