Koni GB Pricing

GregJ gregsj2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 23:38:36 EST 2005

Our low bidder offered about $450 each for a set of 4 plus shipping.   I 
say "about" because there's 21 of us and they bid on 21.  If some of you 
decide not to go forward, this may cause the pricing to slip a bit.  On 
the other hand, the pricing may also cause a few more people to hop 
aboard, so we'll have to see how it all pans out.   In any event,  $450 
is better than the lowest pre-GB internet pricing I found ($520).

Our seller is in CA, so those of you who live there will have to pay 
sales tax (7.75% - send your complaints to Ahnold).

Bilstein v. Koni - several of you said you were in if the Koni pricing 
is about the same as Bilsteins($400).   With all due respect, you're 
comparing apples to oranges because the Ks are adjustable whereas the Bs 
are not.  The ride you get with the Bs is what you get, period.  
However, the ride you get with the Ks can be adjusted.  See 
http://www.koni-na.com/adjustment.cfm   In this instance, if you want 
adjustable shocks, it's going cost you $50.  Your money, your choice, 
but I'd suggest it's a good deal.

If you've not already contacted me and want in, please let me know, off 
list, by Monday.


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