Koni GB Pricing

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sat Feb 12 15:01:50 EST 2005

Thanks Greg,

Those are the same part numbers that I have on my stock suspension 200-20V.

Like all shock manufactures now days, Koni has a lifetime warranty to
original purchers with receipt, a good deal inasmuch as they do fail, Koni
maybe more failure prone than others, IMO.  I've had Koni internal
elastermeric rebound stops break up and plug the orifices, rendering the
shock absolutely rigid.  On Lancias, not Audis.

In exploring the Koni site I'm not surprised to note that Koni marketing is
still misleading the public by implying that using the adjustable rebound
damping feature to modify the ride "feel" is a good and proper use of this
feature.  Not so, there being only one optimum damping value/setting for a
given spring-unsprung weight suspension system, regardless of the car's
intended use.  Thus, adjustable rebound damping serves but two purposes.
1.  To adjust the initial damping to critical for the given suspension
system.  A cumbersome trial and error process, even though it may be able to
be accomplished in situ (with a special tool) on the 44 chassis.
2.  To compensate for degrading damping over time caused by internal wear of
the piston ring and the strut rod bushing.  Koni used to taut this purpose,
but no more.


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> Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 09:18:51 -0800
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> Hi Bernie,
> The ajustable Yellows, Part #80 2630SPORT and Part # 86 2149SPORT.
> These fit urS4s, urS6s, V8Qs, and 200-20vs.  See www.koni-na.com for
> more info.
> Greg
> On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 08:10:41 -0800, Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net> wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> I've not heard of your Koni GB before.  What specific Koni strut inserts are
>> you speaking of and have had out for bid?
>> Bernie
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>>> Subject: Koni GB Pricing
>>> Our low bidder offered about $450 each for a set of 4 plus shipping.   I
>>> say "about" because there's 21 of us and they bid on 21.  If some of you
>>> decide not to go forward, this may cause the pricing to slip a bit.  On
>>> the other hand, the pricing may also cause a few more people to hop
>>> aboard, so we'll have to see how it all pans out.   In any event,  $450
>>> is better than the lowest pre-GB internet pricing I found ($520).
>>> Our seller is in CA, so those of you who live there will have to pay
>>> sales tax (7.75% - send your complaints to Ahnold).
>>> Bilstein v. Koni - several of you said you were in if the Koni pricing
>>> is about the same as Bilsteins($400).   With all due respect, you're
>>> comparing apples to oranges because the Ks are adjustable whereas the Bs
>>> are not.  The ride you get with the Bs is what you get, period.
>>> However, the ride you get with the Ks can be adjusted.  See
>>> http://www.koni-na.com/adjustment.cfm   In this instance, if you want
>>> adjustable shocks, it's going cost you $50.  Your money, your choice,
>>> but I'd suggest it's a good deal.
>>> If you've not already contacted me and want in, please let me know, off
>>> list, by Monday.
>>> GregJ
>>> BIRA

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