Voltmeter light then dies?????

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Sun Feb 13 22:56:42 EST 2005


The voltmeter light indicates that the alternator is not charging.
The ABS shuts itself off when the battery voltage falls below some
low limit...dont know exactly, but its around 10 volts.

The fuel pump and ECU will run down to 9 volts, at which point
the whole car will die.

I will guess that the five  minutes shut down revived the car battery 
over 10-11 volts, but drawing a sustained load of 30 amps
killed it within minutes.

I don't understand the "smell" part, else I would suggest your 
alternator brushes wore down. Perhaps some other alternator


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> I went to the store tonight and the car was running fine. When I got out
> of the car to go into the store I smelled a slight burnt smell. I
> thought that it could be coming from another ar or from somewhere else.
> I left the store and and started the car up fine and halfway home the
> voltmeter warning light and the ABS orange light came on. The voltmeter
> was reading real low at right under 1/4. It normally reads a little over
> 1/2. Then the cluster lights started getting real dim then the rear
> brake warning light came on and then the car started  losing power and
> died.
> I checked all the fuses and they were OK.
> I checked the plug wire connections and they were OK.
> I checked the alternator belt and it was good and tight.
> After about 5 minutes I tried the car again and it started up and I
> drove it 1/4 mile and then the voltmeter lght came on and it lost power
> and died. 
> I then pushed it home to my garage which was 1/2 mile away.
> The plug wires are new Kingsbourne, the plugs are fairly new and are the
> right ones and the battery is fairly new.
> Any ides what it could be?
> A bad alternator?
> A bad solenoid?
> Bad distributor teeth?
> A burned out relay?
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