Engine & Trans Mounts (very long)

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Fri Feb 18 11:48:17 EST 2005

todnad at comcast.net wrote:
> Subject: Engine & Trans Mounts (very long)

  Need to replace my engine
> & transmission mounts next weekend - 200q20vt 150k mi.  After
> searching all links I know of (audiworld.com, audifans.com,
> quattro123.com, members.aol.com/c1j1miller/,
> comcast.net/~gregsj2/content/audi200., sjmautotechnik.com/, etc.)
> below is what I've come up w/on this DIY project I would like to
> tackle to save some significant money.  Any additional information
> appreciated (photos/BTDT's).  Have floor jacks, floor ramps, both
> bently's, & necessary tools to do this - just unsure on the
> order/best/easiest way to do both engine & trans mounts.  Any torque
> spec.s also greatly appreciated.
> Transmission Mounts - REPLACEMENT: On high mileage vehicles, over
> 120-150k miles, You need to support the rear end of the transmission
> with a jack stand, and then remove the bolts for the rear/side
> transmission mounts. There is a small heat shield on the passenger
> side trans mount that needs to be removed to gain access to the trans
> mount bolt on that side. This heat shield is held on with three
> screws (8mm head size). After removing the rear trans mounts (two
> 13mm hex head bolts/nuts) – replace w/new and reverse process.

I just replaced the transmission mounts on my 200q20v a few nights ago.
It's a pain, but clearly possible. Do the drivers side first. There's
plenty of access to get an end wrench on the tops of the bolts (17 mm
for the center one, 13 mm for the outer ones).

The heat shield on the passenger side has three screws (8 mm heads) 
holding it on. Two are easy to get at...one is hard. Also, getting a 
wrench on the tops of the bolts is more difficult. If you reach through 
a hole in the the inner fender, you can get the 17 mm bolt fine, and one 
of the 13 mm bolts too. The last one is a lot more difficult.

Alternatively, you could pull the catalytic converters off (good time to
check them for blockage I suppose) and the tranny mount job would be a
piece of cake.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer
University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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