Multi-function Temp Sensor...

George Sidman sidman at
Fri Feb 18 12:55:15 EST 2005

After replacing the multi mal-function temp sensor a few 
times, I decided it was more sane to find a better solution 
than replacing the dumbo design again. It appears the sole 
purpose of the rubber boot is to direct leakage into the 
connector where it can puddle around the connectors and 
corrode them. Isn't insanity defined as doing the same thing 
over again and expecting a better result?

Splice in new connectors and install the new sensor with 
silicon on the threads, then slide a piece of rubber hose (1 
& 1/8th inch ID about two inches long) down the wires, plug 
in the connectors, slide the hose up onto the sensor, and 
put a hose clamp on it. Now the connectors will be open and 
up inside the hose where any leakage will not be able to get 
to them. Engine heat will keep them nice and toasty.

I did this three years ago, and have had no further failures.

I recently had the high pressure hydraulic steering hose 
spew mineral oil all over the engine room, and this sensor 
fix came through unfazed.

'91 20V - 282,000 miles

sidman at
Monterey, California
831 760-0168

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