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Fri Feb 18 19:38:46 EST 2005

Hi Alan,

With this thread you guys are implying that the principle cause of MTFS
failure is not the sensor but the electrical connections to same.  I don't
believe it, inasmuch all of my failures have been internal to the sensor.
If your implication were true, the fix would be simple and cheap, just pull
the recepticals from the connector and increase the contact pressure of


> From: "alan cordeiro" <alancordeiro at>
> When the rubber boot is new, it seals well around the MTFS
> and prevents moisture from going in and corroding the connector.
> Unfortunately, when the boot is ten years old, it behaves more
> like the "dumbo design"
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>> After replacing the multi mal-function temp sensor a few
>> times, I decided it was more sane to find a better solution
>> than replacing the dumbo design again. It appears the sole
>> purpose of the rubber boot is to direct leakage into the
>> connector where it can puddle around the connectors and
>> corrode them. Isn't insanity defined as doing the same thing
>> over again and expecting a better result?
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