Avant antennas - was: test

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Wed Feb 23 11:19:22 EST 2005


I think that one's just fine without an amplifier, though the windshield
antenna is/was optimized for the FM band...

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> PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:
> >I have received no list activity for a few days, this is just a test
> >
> Hoot.
> Did I miss somebody posting the ultimate solution for antenna alternatives
> to the failing Fubas ?
> My current problem is no doubt related to the white trigger control in the
> head plug wiring being shorted to ground.  However, when that gets tracked
> down, the recent talk about antenna failure has me wondering if I might
> a replacement and it sounds iffy.
> I might have an alternate choice, it seems that the gang that replaced
> my front
> window didn't find and antenna coupling to plug into the connector wired
> the glass.  Has anybody fed that to a radio without using an amp ?
> Charlie
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