MFTS Failure and Afterrun sensor

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Thu Feb 24 00:56:09 EST 2005

I have only had to replace 1 MFTS. When I did it I got a new rubber boot
and new wires with new connectors from SJM.  It was very low cost and
helped a electrical idiot like myself immensely as I just had to splice
the new color coded wires in.  I also cut holes in the bottom of the new
boot for coolant to leak. I have the 4 pin VDO and it has lasted a
couple of years now. The first was the original VDO which lasted for
I have replaced 2 afterrun temp sensors and am getting ready to replace
a third one.
The wiring checks out but the switch is bad.
How easy is it to short this switch out and fry it?
The next time I install it I am going to disconnect the battery and then
isolate the connectors and wrap them in electrical tape.
Its a cheap switch and easy to replace but is a hassle. 

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