Power Steering Groan

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Sun Jan 2 14:08:34 EST 2005


I replaced my hose with a non-OEM part, and lived with the groaning
for four months. Finally, I replaced it with a new OEM hose, and the
groaning went away like magic.

I know, besides the cost, it was a couple of hours of sheer frustration
to get the banjo bolt on the steering gear side on given the total
inaccessibility of its location.


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> I just installed a new high pressure hose on my 200q20v.  I think I  bled
> system correctly by turning from lock to lock several times while the
> wheels were off the ground.
> However, there is a distinct groaning sound from the PS system when the
> is being driven.  Did I "bleed" the system incorrectly, or could my new
> have something to do with this?
> Also, My coolant warning light when off this evening.  It does not  appear
> be due to low coolant level, as the resevoir is above the minimum  also,
> temp guage ran in its usual spot.  What else can set off the  light for
> autocheck system?  Bad connection on my resevoir?   Failing MFTS?  Any
> ideas?
> Thanks.
> Tom Werner
> Charleston, SC
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