Power Steering Groan

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Jan 2 15:51:52 EST 2005

Did you use someone's (sorry, I forgot who posted it) clever solution to
getting the banjo bolt back into the rack:  wrap some string around the
bolt in a counter-clockwise winding so you can put a little pressure on the
bolt head and pull the string to start the threads.

At 02:13 PM 1/2/2005 -0500, alan cordeiro wrote:
>I replaced my hose with a non-OEM part, and lived with the groaning
>for four months. Finally, I replaced it with a new OEM hose, and the
>groaning went away like magic.
>I know, besides the cost, it was a couple of hours of sheer frustration
>to get the banjo bolt on the steering gear side on given the total
>inaccessibility of its location.

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