Shokan Power Steering Hose Update

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jan 4 16:29:29 EST 2005

At 1:21 PM -0500 1/4/05, TooManyAudis at wrote:
>Let's get to the bottom of this!

I think you've already reached close to "the bottom".  Shokan is 
either lying or is blissfully unaware of the  product specs.

>Any thoughts as to what should be done?

Sure--my earlier post expressed my thoughts as to what you ought to 
do: firmly request reimbursement for labor--in addition to a refund. 
Just challenge them to an "autopsy" which can demonstrate whether or 
not their "OE" hose has the same innards as a proper (oem) Audi hose. 
All it will take is a few minutes with your old oem hose, their hose, 
a utility knife (and a witness). If the part they sell is a simple 
straight-through piece of hose, then they should agree to pay the 
_full_ cost for installing a new, proper hose.



Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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