In situ replacement of front outer CV boots

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Jan 5 10:31:31 EST 2005

Just BTDT, here are a few pointers.  (With nothing else being broke.)

1.  With the wheels on the ground, loosen the lug bolts and axle bolt.

2.  Support the front subframe on jack stands with the supension hanging
free.  Remove the rotor and associated sheet metal.  Remove the ball joint
locking bolt.  Loosen or drop the anti sway bar from the subframe. Remove
the caliper support bracket from the bearing housing and hang the caliper
out of the way with a wire.  Lever the lower arm down to pull the ball joint
from the bearing housing. (Most for hire wrenches will destroy the ball
joint boot in this process.  Don't do so!)

3.  With the steering turned toward the opposite side and the axle bolt
removed, pull the bearing housing outward to free the CV joint from the hub
and move the half shaft to the rear of the bearing housing where the CV
joint can be worked on and removed.

4.  The CV retaining ring is the PITA on our 44 chassis cars in that it is
inboard of the joint and made of square wire, so must be held open with a
snap ring pliers to free it from its groove in the shaft for the first bit
of movement while the joint is being pulled from the shaft.  All this being
done by feel in the grease!  The joint is pulled by replacing the axle bolt
and running it in against the end of the half shaft.  I used a vice grip on
the hub spline to counter the torque applied to the axle bolt.  The axle
bolt will not be long enough to pull the joint all the way off the half
shaft spline so, if necessary, add a short spacer rod between the bolt and
half shaft end.

5.  Replace the boot and add grease to the joint as required.  As Bentley
says, assembly is the reverse of the removal process.



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