In situ replacement of front outer CV boots

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Rick:  been years since I did the project.
Another useful link on the process of front end bushing/cv replacement is:

I'd think pulling the front mounts for the sway bar would help a bunch. So does a 5-foot lever bar.


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>Recently did one of my '97 A6 front outer boots, which should be almost the
>same. I had a devil of a time getting the sway bar back into the control arm
>hole, and even more trouble installing the inner end of the control arm
>after removing it for more clearance. I tried it every way I could think of,
>but all were difficult. The strut has to be compressed some to get the inner
>end into place. I used another jack, but it was tricky at best. A seemingly
>simple job took way more effort than I expected. Not sure how I could have
>done it any easier, but removing the sway bar brackets might have helped.
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>> Good writeup, Bernie.  Did you consider patching the boot with liquid
>electrical tape or similar?
>> Most of the time the ball joint boot is destroyed by letting the control
>arm spring back up and hit the strut housing, or by not watching where you
>are prying.  Careful!  It might also be easy to release the inner control
>arm mount to relieve it and allow it to sag; just tighten again once the car
>is on it's wheels.
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