FW: In situ replacement of front outer CV boots

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Jan 5 23:09:56 EST 2005

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> Subject: Re: In situ replacement of front outer CV boots
>> From: C1J1Miller at aol.com
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>> Subject: Re: In situ replacement of front outer CV boots
>> Good writeup, Bernie.  Did you consider patching the boot with liquid
>> electrical tape or similar?
> No, don't consider it a practical fix, too much flex in this joint, no way to
> get the rubber spotlessly clean.  At 186K the old one didn't owe me much.  The
> other side is well cracked also so I bought two kits, the second will be a
> summer job.
>> Most of the time the ball joint boot is destroyed by letting the control arm
>> spring back up and hit the strut housing, or by not watching where you are
>> prying.  Careful!  It might also be easy to release the inner control arm
>> mount to relieve it and allow it to sag; just tighten again once the car is
>> on 
>> it's wheels.
> You would have to remove the bolt for this to be of questionable help.  The
> sway bar is the major controlling factor, but I had little problem.  Just one
> dirty job, cleanup being a major part of it, especially in winter when one can
> not use a hose outdoors.
> Bernie
>> Chris

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