Bira System 2 for UFOs

Mike Pshenishny r3dmist at
Thu Jan 6 12:31:57 EST 2005

Trying to think ahead a little bit, I'm looking for some new wheels
for my 200q20v.  I'd like to try and get wheels that will clear the
Bira System 2 for UFOs (for when the time to freshen up the UFOs
comes)  Bira's website says that some OEM 16" wheels should clear, but
doesn't list any in the actual wheel listings.  Looking through the
archives, Taka had mentioned that he was going to try some 16" wheels
on his, and see if anything fit, I couldn't find a follow up to that
post.  (So, Taka, any comments?).  So anyone with the Bira Sys2 for
UFOs want to chime in with what wheels they've tried/have/found that
won't fit?

Mike Pshenishny
'91 200q20v

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