20V 200TQ Quattro tranyy WEIGHT

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Sun Jan 9 15:21:21 EST 2005

Denis et. all-

Sorry I didn't respond quicker. I was out all yesterday. I weighed the 
transmission today, and much to my surprise (especially after all the 
other posts on the subject) mine weighs in at 173 lb. It still has oil 
(about 2/3 of full), the seat tensioning bracket, most of the shifter 
assembly, and about 2" of the rear driveshaft.

This *is* a torsen 016 as well. I would have expected it to weigh a bit 
more than the regular 016.

As for getting rid of it...that depends. I have a 200 20v that will 
eventually be a doner for a 90-91 coupe quattro. I bought this trans as 
a spare. But on several CQ conversions I've heard they keep the coupe 
transmission. This this always the case? If so, I won't need to keep 
this one around. But if there's some reason to use the 016 torsen, I'd 
like to know.

Denis wrote:
>     If you find time it ll be great to get digital :-). It s for shipping.
>     You need yours ?
>     You know, here (Quebec, Canada) 5000TQ and 200TQ dont stay in
>     junkyard cause nobody wants them anymore :-(, they goes for metal)
>     But if i want to buy one ,,, ouch mmmmmm they dont sell them for
>     peanuts :-), bizzard.
>     I just got 5000TQ 016 for free :-). But its 3.89 ratio
>     The 20V 200TQ has 4.11 ratio, its what i need to fit the rear diff
>     ratio 4.11 for A4 project, with V8 3.6
>     If you want to sell it for very cheap i would considere it .
>     Thanks
>     Ðenis
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>          > How much weight a 20V 200TQ tranny ?
>          >
>          > thanks
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>          > Ðenis
>         How precisely do you need the weight. I have one sitting in my
>         shed that
>         I could put on a digital scale. But based on just moving it
>         around I'd
>         guess it's between 100 and 150 lb. Let me know if you'd like a
>         finer
>         measurement.
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