Bira System 2 for UFOs

Ken Keith auditude at
Tue Jan 11 12:01:19 EST 2005

Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> wrote:
> You'll want 17" wheels anyway- very hard to find 16x8 or 16x8.5 wheels
> in Audi fitments (without going to weird MBZ offsets) and you won't
> see the benefit of big brakes nearly as much without putting a much
> better contact patch down on the ground. It would be a total waste to
> use 16x7 or 15x7 wheels even if they could fit somehow. 245/40R17
> should be the smallest summer tire to run for handling and braking
> purposes, IMHO, esp. with big brakes.
> Heck, I'm going with 245s or 255s on the STi next summer if I kill the
> RE070s by then and need new rubber and wheels. 255/40R17 Kumho MX on
> 17x8.5 wheels will be much better than 225/45R17 RE070s on 17x7.5
> wheels- contact patch makes all the difference, will offset rubber
> compound as well as increasing lateral acceleration.
> Taka

I'm not trying to nit-pick, but if the contact patch references are
regarding its area, I thought that for a given vehicle and air
pressure the contact patch area remains the same when changing
wheel/tire size, with only changes in the shape.  Unless the
improvement described has something to do with tread pattern or
sidewall stiffness or something like that.

By the way Taka, where did you get you clear front turn signals?  I
sent you an email a while back when you first posted your 200q20v for
sale but didn't get a reply.



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