rebuilding a power steering hose

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jan 11 15:08:45 EST 2005

At 1:23 PM -0500 1/11/05, gary at wrote:
>I am awaiting the return of my high pressure and pump-auxhillary tank
>hoses. I paid 150 for both with shipping, although the high pressure alone
>cost me about 125 to get rebuild.  They did put the noise damper back in.
>I will have pictures of the rebuilt hoses tommorow, so reply to this if
>you want me to post them.
>The company is in Ontario, NY.
>Benchmark Hydraulics Technology Llc
>(315) 524-2052
>5708 Walworth Rd
>Ontario, NY 14519
>Talk to Gordon, tell him that Gary recommended them.

I live fairly close to these guys (Benchmark) and used them not long 
ago--to rebuild the return (low-pressure, from reservoir) hose. I 
made the mistake of not establishing a price ahead of time, and the 
rebuild turned out to cost nearly the price of a brand new hose. So I 
concluded that they are rather overpriced compared to other qualified 
shops mentioned by listers from different areas; the price you paid 
is further evidence of that. They may do good work, but are barely 
"cost-effective", IMHO.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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