rebuilding a power steering hose

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Tue Jan 11 18:00:06 EST 2005

At 12:20 PM -0800 1/11/05, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Your statement, 'are barely  "cost-effective",IMHO' sounds to be the
>understatement of the New Year, so far anyway.

Yeh, I agree. Others have paid $10 or so for that hose rebuild, and 
that's what I expected it would be. They did have an hourly rate 
posted, and since I'd already spent a good bit of time to drive 
there, I went ahead and hoped for the best. It came out to about $30 
(the guy disappeared for about 30 minutes doing the job--probably 
including a sandwich and a smoke).  I should've protested, but 
decided just to take my lumps and to not use (nor to recommend) them 


>>  From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
>>>  Benchmark Hydraulics Technology Llc
>>>  (315) 524-2052
>>>  5708 Walworth Rd
>>>  Ontario, NY 14519
>>>  Talk to Gordon, tell him that Gary recommended them.
>>  I live fairly close to these guys (Benchmark) and used them not long
>>  ago--to rebuild the return (low-pressure, from reservoir) hose. I
>>  made the mistake of not establishing a price ahead of time, and the
>>  rebuild turned out to cost nearly the price of a brand new hose. So I
>>  concluded that they are rather overpriced compared to other qualified
>>  shops mentioned by listers from different areas; the price you paid
>>  is further evidence of that. They may do good work, but are barely
>>  "cost-effective", IMHO.
>>  Phil
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